Snowflake Kisses : Verse 1

There are 24 sleeps left until Christmas Day!

Today’s verse : “For every shooting star they say”, prompted me to look up the word “star”.

Currently focused on developing a website requires my creative energy to be funneled in a very different direction than when applying it to creative writing.

However, this morning I thought I’d practice one of the very simple exercises I applied myself to while writing poetry – I opened the dictionary, looked up the word “star” and pulled from it the content that grabbed my attention:

“a star or planet especially in
a certain position that is believed
in astrology to influence people’s lives”

This inevitably led me to think of people I care for, and more importantly, the person I wrote this first verse for.

So from today’s first verse, one I wrote several years ago, I created a new line:

🌟 like a star in the sky you light up my heart 💓

Enjoy the rest of the day and tonight’s stars too!

Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

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Cadence Beret

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