Snowflake Kisses : Verse 7

Today’s 7th verse of Snowflake Kisses reminds me to always keep my head up no matter how difficult or uneventful a day might be or how dark it is by the time the day is done.

Whether it be cloudy or sunny, daytime or nighttime, I almost always find something surprising when I tilt my head back for my eyes to see what might be above me. Last night, as I walked along, I did exactly that. Following the lead of tall evergreens, I had to stop and tilt my head back further as my eyes got caught in hundreds of colorful blinking lights on a gigantic cedar tree.

So even though there were no stars to see, because the sky was covered in a cozy blanket of clouds, the colorful lights lit up the tree like a universe of its own. This reminded me of what my mother once said about Christmas lights and decorations; she summed it up as a necessity – not only to celebrate Christmas, but to light up the shorter winter days and the long, dark, at times gloomy nights.

Give it a try to see what you see, when walking along sometime. Perhaps if you’re lucky a snowflake will fall, and land on your eyelashes!

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Cadence Beret

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