Snowflake Kisses : Verse 10

The tenth verse of Snowflake Kisses is a line borrowed from the person who drew the image used for this Christmas Countdown.

The pencil drawing titled “every snowflake is different and unique”, was not only a heartwarming gift from my daughter, it was a big part of the inspiration that led me to write the poem.

For me to pick a single word from today’s line is proving to be a difficult task. Both words, “different” and “unique” automatically stand out to me. This has to do with the sentimentality tied-into those two words – who they came from and how perfect they are in this poem. For that reason, I think I should let them be as they are for today.

So instead, I’ll pick the word “so”. And there you go! Albeit considered by some to be incorrect to start a sentence with “so”, what if it was structured like this:

So different and unique she was, he could not get her out of his mind.

There you go! My self-assigned creative writing task for today is done! Now I can get back to the Snowflake Tale I started yesterday.

If you missed my snowflake tale, click on the snowflake that’s stuck on the hockey puck!

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