Snowflake Tales : Dec 10

Did you miss the beginning of this hockey tale?
Click on the snowflake and start at Part 1!

Part 2 : PuckRide

A shock of a smack
She held on tight
To the puck as it hovered across
A thick frosty block of ice

She liked this ride with the puck
Cuz they flew across with such ease
And at such an exciting speed

But then a sudden smack
Just like a leather slap
She and the puck got caught
In what’s known as a goalie’s glove

Cozy and dark and warm
She couldn’t help but fear
That soon her end would near

Her frosty tips quickly melted away
She slid and she slode on the puck
Then low and behold
Bright light and air so cold
And another vertical drop

She landed fast and smack-dab flat
On the frosty block of ice
With her brand new pal the puck

There they both chilled until
He introduced himself
“Hello my name is Peter Puck
Who are you and where do you come from?”

“Pleased to meet you Mr. Peter Puck
My name is Snowflake Sally
I come from up above”

And so they became acquainted
While the players slid away
Had they both been forgotten
To freeze the night away?

Click on the snowflake for Part 3!

Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

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Cadence Beret

creative writer

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