Snowflake Tales : Dec 12

Did you miss the beginning of this hockey tale?
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Part 4 : SnowKiss

Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Sat back comfortably
In the goalie’s net
But before they even knew it
Back in the game they were

“Okay boys! Let’s make this a quick and easy overtime!” One of the players larked.

“Yeah! Kris wants to go visit his sister to eat some Christmas cookies!” Another player hollered. The air cracked with laughter as the sticks snapped to the ice.

Kris rolled his eyes in disbelief as he wondered; How old are these grown men I’m playing with? But even with all this joshing, there was no distracting him. Focused and ready to guard his team’s net – gloves on, mask on, stick on the ice – the overtime play was quick, but the puck didn’t end up in his net this time.

Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
On the ice once more
At the other end of the rink
For the other team’s goal

Seeming somewhat worried
Pete asked kindly
“Hey Snowflake Sally
Are you okay?”

“Yeah! That was great fun!
But I’m feeling kinda warm now”
That’s when they both looked up
To see the glowing sun

Feeling somewhat helpless
All Pete Puck could do
Was reassure her
As he tried to comfort her

“Woohoo!” The winning team hollered, “Quick one and we won!”

The players skated in line for the traditional end-of-the-game handshake and then gathered by the edge of the ice rink to pack up their gear. Off with the skates to quickly put on boots, the cold air refreshed them after a quick heated game.

Camaraderie persisted and filled the air with puffs of warm breath, while the rustle and clamor of pads and helmets being shoved into bags, snapped like crisp ice. All packed up and done, they walked off in one big mass, and the ice rink suddenly fell silent.

Thump thump thump thump
What is that sound?
Is it Snowflake Sally’s heart
Beating out loud?

Pete was really worried
But never let it show
He coaxed her into thinking of
Mounds of snow

“Just think it and you’ll feel it”
He convincingly said
“I’m thinking it I’m thinking it
But I don’t think I feel it!”

Finally and quickly
They were lifted off the ice
Not by a goalie’s glove
But by a player’s hand

“Hey Luke! Did you forget your lucky puck?” Kris asked jokingly.

“No way buddy, I got it right here – I’m not letting this one go! Even if we lost today, that was one sweet goal!”

He tossed the puck in the back of his pick-up truck and waved for Kris to join him.

“So where’s your sister’s place? Hop in I’ll drop you off.”

Cool brisk fresh cold air
Swiveled and swerved
All over and all around
Sally and Pete Puck

“Phew!” Sally exhaled
Then took in the frosty air
“That was a close one!”
They both agreed with glee

Then tingle trickle twinkle
Pete Puck chuckled
Amused and delighted by
A frosty tickle

“Thank you Peter Puck
For getting me through that”
That’s when she thanked him with
A snowflake kiss

Will the weather stay cold enough for Snowflake Sally and Peter Puck to enjoy more winter fun?

Check-in again tomorrow for more of Snowflake’s Hockey Tale!

Click on the snowflake for Part 5!

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