Snowflake Tales : Dec 13

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Part 5 : TruckRide

Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Are happily still stuck
Together in the back of Luke’s
Pick-up truck

Kris opened the door, but before stepping out, he turned back and asked, “Hey Luke, why don’t you come in and join us?”

“Aw, thanks buddy. Are you sure? I mean, you haven’t seen your sister in a decade. You two have lot’s of catching up to do.”

“Yeah, you’re right, we do. But if I know my sister, she love’s extra company. So, come on in and join us.”

Luke gladly accepted the invitation, turned off the engine, and stepped out of the truck.

Thump thump crunch thump
Crunch crunch thump
Were those Luke’s footsteps
Or Pete Puck’s beating heart?

“Sweet Snowflake Sally
Thank you for that kiss
I never ever expected
Anything like this”

The crunch of footsteps faded
That is when Pete Puck
New this sweetheart crush
Was not a fading one

Then in a sudden rush
Snowflake Sally blushed
“Oh Peter Puck
Again I’m all warmed up!”

But this time around
The sun wasn’t glowing
And as warm as she felt
Luckily she wasn’t melting

“Woo! Wee! Sally!
Look up and see!”
Up flashed her frosty lashes
Could it really be?

Carlie stood impatiently at the edge of the open door. Waving them both to hurry in, with only warm socks at her feet, she could no longer wait. Out she was on the frosty porch to hug her brother once more.

She pulled back slightly from the warm hug to take a close look at him, “I still can’t believe you’re here!”

“I know! It’s been so long! But hey, you don’t mind if Luke joins us do you?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, she led them both inside. Luke and Kris peeled off their coats, took off their boots and followed her into the kitchen. Uncertain which reached them first, Carlie’s warm welcome, the heartwarming scent of simmering stew or the sweetness of fresh baked cookies – there was no hesitation from either one when she offered them a seat at the kitchen counter.

“Take a seat you two. You must be famished after that game.”

The late afternoon quickly turned to evening. But even after sunset, the darkened sky lit up.

Luke and Kris and Carlie
Inside warm and cozy
While Sally and Pete Puck
Happily chilled in the truck

That is when everyone
Looked up to see

One two three four
And so many many more
Came down slowly silently
To join everybody

That’s it for this Snowflake’s Hockey Tale for now!

Find out who is joining Pete and Sally and tune in for more on Kris, Luke and Carlie – just follow these posts or bookmark my website.

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