Snowflake Tales : Dec 16

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Part 6 : SnowGathering

Pete Puck is woolgathering
While Sally is snowgathering
With all the new friends
That dropped-in on the weekend

Pete Puck is woolgathering
Diddling dawdling daydreaming
Pete Puck is woolgathering

Pete’s dreaming of the fun
They’ll soon both have again
At the next hockey game
Coming ‘round before the weekend!

Is this a hockey tale?
Or is this about two friends?

Peter Puck is worrying
‘Cuz soon the snow will clear
And they’ll both end up
In Luke’s hockey gear!

Worry worry
Peter Puck is worrying
Fretting fussing fearing
Peter Puck is worrying

He can’t help himself but think
Without saying it out loud
“A duffel bag sweet Sally
Is not where you belong”

Is this a hockey tale?
Or is this a dicey romance?

It’s inevitable! Luke will certainly have to clear the snow that piled up in the back of his pick-up truck! But what will happen to Sally when Luke sees his lucky puck?

Certainly, he won’t leave Peter Puck in the back of his truck! Will Sally part with Pete and stick with her new snowy friends?

Stick around and follow these posts – there’s more of Snowflake’s Hockey Tale coming soon!

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