Snowflake Kisses : Verse 17

Is everyone ready to look at this star?

Is it really a star we’re preparing to look at, or is it a snowflake?

When reading this verse today, almost a decade after writing it, the star I can’t help but think of, is the one this poem was written for.

I wrote Snowflake Kisses as a Christmas gift for my daughter in 2010. Even though she was no longer a child or living at home, I enjoyed recalling the innocence and childlike simplicity that brought so much pleasure and joy throughout the Christmas seasons we shared together while she grew up.

I could easily be distracted, reminiscing and sharing some of those wonderful memories, but I’ll refrain from doing that right now. Instead, I’ll stick to the creative writing task of the day!

Due to its endless magical and sparkling possibilities, it was difficult to bypass the word “star” from today’s verse. “Look” might have been an interesting one to work with as well, but I chose the word “ready”, and this is the new line I wrote:

“I am not ready for Christmas this year.”

I realize how dreadful and somber this might sound, so I added a few lines and created a poem out of it. Are you ready for this new poem? I think I might title it, Readily Busily:

I have been so busy
Working so very diligently
At keeping myself so very busy
That I am not ready for Christmas this year!

I have no baking done
I have no decorations
Heck I don’t even have a Christmas tree!

But it’s quite alright with me
To be kept so very busy
Because I daydream everyday
Of snowflake kisses for you and me!

Well into the second half of Snowflake Kisses, the last two blocks will slide by so quickly, before we know it, Christmas Eve will be here!

Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

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Cadence Beret

creative writer

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