Snowflake Kisses : Verse 18

Next Wednesday is Christmas Day, and by that time, all the verses to Snowflake Kisses will have been revealed. Which has me feeling somewhat sorrowful.

This poem is filled with so many wonderful words conjuring up such joyful images, that I’m not looking forward for it to be done. But then again, I am looking forward for the next poem to be featured in January 2020.

Next Wednesday is Christmas Day and the Wednesday after that will be New Year’s Day. The next two weeks will fly by in seconds, just like today’s self-imposed writing assignment has.

If you haven’t noticed, I selected the word “seconds” from today’s Snowflake Kissed verse – and here’s another one, just for fun:

With only six lines to go, and six days until Christmas Eve, it will seem like less than twelve seconds before this poem is revealed.”

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s new line for a new word to be inspired by!

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