Snowflake Kisses : Verse 19

December 19 is here and so is Verse 19!

If you’ve been following CadentWords’ Christmas Countdown, you likely realize by now that this isn’t your ordinary poetry website.

This isn’t a guide on how to write poetry and I’m not an instructor or literary degree holder. I’m simply a person who enjoys writing to express myself – at times whimsically, and at times more seriously – and I enjoy doing that through poetry.

Cadent Words is a casual term and concept based on the creative use of words to express oneself. There are likely grammatical errors here and there, typos, improper spelling and punctuation – and at times it might be intentional, but at other times it could very well be an oversight.

Being the only contributing writer, editor, word processor, and website developer dedicated to this site, I tend to read and re-read myself way too often. Hence, while aiming to share the proper words and thoughts with those who take the time to read through these lines, I’m certain that I occasionally miss a few things here and there.

But the point of this website, and the point of sharing Snowflake Kisses, was intended to demonstrate how creative writing is more than just an exercise in writing for me. Over the years, I came to realize how it brought on greater awareness of my perceptions and opinions while instilling a sense of confidence that had for too long been diminished.

If I were to take this a step further, I’d share with you that for the longest time, while working a full-time job which at times had to be supplemented by one or two part-time jobs in order to get by, it often felt like my eyes were very slowly closing – as in falling into a deep coma!

Of course, while writing Snowflake Kisses, the line “Then very slowly close your eyes”, wasn’t referring to the aforementioned. But as frivolous as this poem might seem, it’s one of the poems I wrote while starting to pull myself out of the long snooze I had been dulled into.

Creative writing not only occupied excess time I had on my hands due to sudden unemployment, more importantly, it reintroduced me to my own thoughts and opinions again. And along with this renewed cognitive awareness, I became more aware of, and was constantly reminded how valid and real my emotional and intuitive senses are.

Having written too much already, as the editor of this website, I would most likely trash this post and fire myself – but I won’t, and I didn’t. It is what it is for today, and I hope that tomorrow I can share some wonderful childhood memories of the most exciting night of the year. The night where my siblings and I had to slowly close our eyes for an early night’s sleep so that we could wake up just before midnight to celebrate Christmas Eve!

There are only 6 sleeps left until Christmas!

Thank you for following these Snowflake Kissed verses.

I’ll write again tomorrow and try to stick to the assignment next time!

Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

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