Snowflake Kisses : Verse 20

December 20 is here and with only five sleeps left until Christmas Day, I just realized how late I am with Christmas preparations! So after yesterday’s lengthy post, I’ll keep this one short and sweet so that I can get on with setting up some Christmas decorations.

Verse 20 from Snowflake Kisses brings back fond childhood memories. With only two years between each of my two siblings, there was a very short window in time when we all still believed in the magic of Christmas.

These were the years when, a week before Christmas, my mother would be baking, sometimes late into the evenings. Then, on the day of Christmas Eve, we would have to go to bed sometime around 4pm in the afternoon for a good long nap until my mother would wake us just before midnight.

I clearly recall one year where my brother, sister and I all bunked together in one room. Difficult to contain our excitement, mom must have returned three or four times until we received our last warning. This is when we coaxed each other into covering our eyes with the hope that we would fall asleep faster.

So for today’s self-imposed writing assignment, I’ll rephrase verse 20 from Snowflake Kisses while drawing memories from the past. Even though this might not have been exactly as it was said, it’s certainly how I recall it:

“Cover your eyes for just two seconds, and before you know it, Santa will be here!”

I just tuned into my playlist where Christmas melodies are playing, and yes, the weather outside is frightful, but I am nevertheless heading out there to look for a Christmas tree!

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Verse 21 – it’s the first verse of Snowflake Kisses’ last stanza!

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