Snowflake Tales : Dec 20

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Part 10 : RescueParty

“Yeah!” Kris belted and jumped out of his seat. Luke’s arms up in the air, hollers rang in unison as one of the teams scored.

Kris and Luke both looked forward to their Saturday hockey game, and they considered Friday night’s get-together mandatory. Watching the national league wasn’t just a past-time, they figured it was part of their training schedule. So they met-up at the local pub where other team members gathered to watch the pros.

With a zero to one score, the first intermission came up at the right time to order food.

“Hey isn’t Carlie joining us?” One of the players asked.

“She’s taking Cindy and Tucker out for a play in the snow – she should be here soon.” Kris mentioned.

Beer glasses clinked and plates were soon on the tables, just in time for the second period to start.

“So what did I miss?” Carlie joined Luke and Kris, pulled up a chair and looked at the score board.

“Other than ordering dinner? Looks like only one score.” She said teasingly.

Luke waved for the waiter, and before another score for the team, Carlie’s plate was on the table.

“Hey, you won’t believe what we found!” She said cheerfully before taking a bite of food.

“Mmm, this is a good one!” Commenting quickly on the burger, she went on about the search for Luke’s lucky puck.

Kris hadn’t noticed
Luke’s lucky puck
Stuck in the back
Of his pick-up truck

But Tucker the pup
Was quick to jump up
In the back of the truck
And pull it out

Only for Pete Puck
To be dropped again
Not on the ice
But in a pile of snow

Luke certain where
He’d left it last week
Couldn’t understand
How Kris could’ve missed it

He searched hi and low
‘Cuz little did he know
Tucker had dropped it
In the snow

So when Cindy and Carlie
Heard of Luke’s distress
They recalled Tucker’s romp
And frolic in the snow

That’s when they headed out
With Tucker the pup
And found Luke’s lucky puck
Where it was last dropped

“There you go buddy!” Kris said jokingly, “You got your lucky puck back, so you better score tomorrow!”

Other team members had gathered around to listen-in. Distracted by Luke’s lucky puck search and rescue efforts, they all missed the next goal on the big screen!

But where did Carlie and Cindy leave the puck?

Did they bring it in the house where it will certainly be too warm for Sally?

Find out tomorrow if Snowflake Sally will be there for the hockey game with Peter Puck!

Click on Pete Puck and Snowflake Sally for Part 11!

Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

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