Snowflake Tales : Dec 21

Did you miss the beginning of this hockey tale?
Click on the snowflake and start at Part 1!

Part 11 : BumpyRide

Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Are once again stuck
In the back of Luke’s truck
Thanks to Tucker the pup
Who picked them both up
And then dropped them in a wallop!

“Gosh Pete Puck
I’m sure glad you’re so tough
And can handle being tossed
And tussled all around
‘Cuz if I’d been on my own
For sure I’d be long gone!”

“Sweet Snowflake Sally
There is no other way
For a puck like me to be
I’m just glad you’re here with me
When you could so easily
Drift away from me”

Roar rattle tumble
The end of their blissful
Snowy cuddle
Was roused by the bumble
Of the engine’s rumble
As they drove off in a bungle

“Hold on tight Sally!”
Pete Puck exclaimed
“Looks like it’s time
For another hockey game!”
“Woo! Wee! Yippeee!”
Sally hollered with glee

Just like Pete and Sally
Hold on tight and patiently
Because tomorrow’s story
Will not only be snowy
And not only about hockey
But full of friends and family!

Phew! I’m sure glad Pete and Sally are sticking together and that Tucker the pup found them again!

But who will be joining them at the hockey game?

Find out tomorrow! There’s more to come of Peter Puck & Snowflake Sally’s fun Snowflake Tale!

Click on Peter Puck and Snowflake Sally for Part 12!

Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

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