Snowflake Tales : Dec 22

Did you miss the beginning of this hockey tale?
Click on the snowflake and start at Part 1!

Part 12 : SideLined

“Hey! Come on! There’s no way that’s a penalty!”

Frustrated and disappointed, Luke shook his head as he took to the bench. His lucky puck, slapped hard and fast by the tip of his hockey stick, flew far past the ice and into the snowy field.

“Don’t worry Luke, Tucker and I will find your puck.” Cindy kindly said as she gently tapped his padded shoulder.

Warmed by her sweet innocence and kindness, his temper quickly simmered and dropped from a boiling point to a melting pot.

Without a black dot in sight throughout the snowy field, Cindy’s friends joined in to help with another puck search. Until, slowly but surely …

One two three four
And so many many more
Came down slowly silently
To join Pete and Sally

“Cindy! Eric! Johnny! It’s time to go!” They all dashed across the field of fresh snow without a puck in hand.

After the last snapping sound of closing doors, cars and trucks rolled away and soon the ice rink was silent. Another hockey game done, everyone headed home while snowfall persisted.

One two three four
And so many many more
Star-like snowflakes filled the air
To visit Pete and Sally

Okay, even I’m getting a little bit worried about Pete and Sally right now!

Stuck together outside in the yard was one thing, but out in the open field? Buried in the snow? They likely won’t be found until next spring!

Be sure to follow this tale – there’s more to come – all the way until Christmas Day.

Click on Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck for Part 13!

Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

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