Snowflake Tales : Dec 23

Did you miss the beginning of this hockey tale?
Click on the snowflake and start at Part 1!

Part 13 : SnowDay!

Snowflakes fell through the night
Covering everything in white
Dustings of fluffy sparkly
Snow so bright

School’s out for Christmas break
All kids are out to play
Snow sleds sliding
Snow shoes shuffling
Snow angels gliding
Hip-hip hooray
Hooray for snow day!

Peter Puck and Snowflake Sally
Are cozy and happy
Surrounded by new friends
Gathering visiting
Chit-chatting laughing
A fun-time is had by all
When snowflakes fall!

Snowflakes keep coming
While everyone plays
Falling out from clouds
Until they touch the ground

Steve and Sammy
All joined Peter Puck
And Snowflake Sally

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Snowflake Tale – there’s only two more to go!

Click on Snowflake Sally and Peter Puck for Part 14 of this Snowflake Tale!

Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

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