Snowflake Kisses : Verse 24

Merry Christmas Eve! This is Snowflake Kisses last verse, and as sad as I am for it to be over, I’m so excited it’s Christmas Eve!

Not because I’m planning a festive gathering – not this year – but because of all the fun and exciting memories it brings up for me.

Memories of when I was growing up, and memories of when my daughter was growing up, as well as all the years in between. No matter how stressful some of the days leading up to Christmas sometimes were, it’s the happy memories that pleasantly stick and linger over the years.

Christmas does take on a whole other life when children are near, or when thinking of it from a child’s perspective. That’s how I created Snowflake Kisses. By allowing myself to dream and wish and imagine frivolous childlike things.

Things like snowflake kisses, snowflakes on eyelashes, snowflake wishes, these all came to mind so easily while thinking of the one I wrote this poem for as a Christmas gift so many years ago.

I wrote the last line with a very specific and special person in mind – my daughter. This is why I directed this verse to include only one single person to receive all of these snowflakes.

However, I found myself thinking of it differently today. After reading verse 24 on its own and having shared Snowflake Kisses with everyone this December, I thought I should revise the last line. Of course, I’ll have to check with my daughter, since I gifted this poem to her! But knowing her generosity and kindness, I think she would be delighted to share snowflakes with everyone.

What if it ended like this:
“Are snowflakes for you and me”

Or how about this:
“Are snowflakes for everybody”

If you’d like to share your thoughts on how Snowflake Kisses should end, please click on the snowflake to complete this quick and simple survey!

The poll will stay open until January 5th 2020, and the poem will return every now and then – just like snowflakes do.

This might be Snowflake Kisses’ last line, but don’t miss Snowflake’s Hockey Tale there’s more coming today and tomorrow!

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