Love Comes Around : Dec 26

Winter’s Warmth

Five days had passed since the plane had landed. The fourth night after a bus ride through the city and mountain passes, she was well rested, but still uneasy.

Like a breath withheld, the air stood still, but the morning chill nevertheless reached her exposed cheeks. Her steady steps, muffled in snow, the arctic air took on a different feel. Even though she was surrounded by icicles, snow, below zero degrees – there was something so comforting in this new winter refuge she had travelled to.

Everywhere in sight, like a duvet of goose down, the lush and solid evergreens were covered with a blanket of white so thick. Nestled below the purest and most natural duvet of snow, she couldn’t help but imagine how cozy those nettles must be.

A hint of amber light caught the corner of her eye. She leaned into the pine’s snowy branches to better see what she first thought to be a flickering flame. Her entire body and breath, as still as the air, like a movie the scene quickly unraveled.

Less than a week ago, this was she, in her home with friends and family.

Unable to tear herself away, unblinking she stayed as the chill of doubt and fear drew nearer. This inevitably always translated into sorrow. But she was quick to abate the ache.

One last peer into the home’s warm glow, she pulled herself back from the snowy branches. A quick clench of the jaw and a deep breath in, the cold air refreshed like a shot of peppermint. Turning away from the sight of what so recently had been, with every step, determination and resilience set in.

The snow-covered ground led her gaze to the mountaintops covered with a blanket of white. Uncertain which reached her first, the touch or the sight, but the morning’s first snowflake caught her eyelashes. Even after the quick glow of laughter and quick blinking eyes, undeterred, like a magnet it stuck. The snowflake remained as thick as the others covering the trees and mountaintops. It did not budge. Not until her glove-covered fingertip brushed it off and onto her index. There, where she could better see it, the snowflake did not budge. It did not melt. It stayed.

Funny she thought, how its icy cold particles instantly warmed her heart.

“Mom!” The familiar and joyful sound of her daughter’s voice jolted her back to reality, and before she could even conjure the wish, there was Cailyn, finally.

“Dad drove me here, but Mark’s on his way. He’ll be here any day now.”

Arms wrapped in a hug filled with so much comfort, no longer able to hold back tears; tears of joy, relief, and love tumbled onto her daughter’s scarf.

Mother and daughter slowly parted from the warmth and closeness of the hug, but never again would they part as they had so many years before.

Then one by one, as they both walked on, snowflakes gathered from beyond and gently dropped from the sky above.

One two three four
And so many many more
Came down slowly silently
From the sky down to the ground

One two three four
And so many many more
Star-like snowflakes filled the air
On this December so silent and fair

Love Comes Around is the fictional tale of a family who reunites after years of tumultuous throws.

They surmount the unusual circumstances they face through patience and understanding while their trust for one another is constantly tested – but only temporarily. Soon, the ordeal of the work-related highly classified legal trial will be over, and they can finally get on with their normal lives.

But will their lives ever be normal again?

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