Snowflake Tales

Caught up in clouds way up in the sky, suddenly, on a given day it is released and it falls. Touched by cold air and pulled by gravity, it tumbles down so gently and delicately. Slowly it parachutes silently, until caught by a tree, a rooftop, or the ground.

There it resides while the weather is cold, until it melts, or until it is carried away by rainfall. Where it goes from there of course, has been studied and discovered by many, but that’s not the point of this snowflake’s story.

My Snowflake Tale

Sparkly snowflakes can be seen
Through every cloudy season
Whenever fog rolls in
And when walking through mist

When the weather is cold enough
To turn dew into frost
An image of what once was
As in an instant snap shot
Once again they can be seen
Through frost on the ground
On rooftops trees and leaves

So if Christmas comes and goes
Without you near or here
Or without a single snowflake
To tumble out of clouds
I will see them wherever
My mind pleases to
In frost fog mist and dew

So please don’t fret or fear
If you can’t be near
Sparkly snowflakes I will see
This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

But please remember this:
Every day is much more dear
When you are here and near

Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

Published by

Cadence Beret

creative writer

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