Cadent Poems : January

This month’s theme is all about dance, movement, and more!

En français s’il vous plait!

Cadence Beret is a pen name I adopted when I decided to launch this website, but this short poem was titled before I ever thought of taking on a pen name. There are several reasons why I gravitated to the word cadence; one of the reasons has to do with how easily it can be pronounced in English and in French.

Growing up, I learned to speak both languages simultaneously. Never did I differentiate one from the other unless my mother reminded me not to mix the two in one swell swoop of a sentence!

Then came the time for grade school where I learned to write. This is when I realized the complex differences and similarities between the two languages, and I’m somewhat embarrassed to say, having attended English school, my French is not as fluid or fluent as I’d like it to be.

So for this year, I thought I’d kick off 2020 with a challenge by applying myself to some of the French poems I wrote.

How will I go about this?

By attempting to re-write them accurately and properly – en français s’il vous plait – and translating them to English.

This will certainly have me pulling my hair out before the week is over! Therefore, in all fairness to myself and the readers, I’ll introduce a couple of English dance related poems as well.

Tune in tomorrow as I attempt to translate this short poem.

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