Cadent Poems : Jan 8

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Cadencing – 3

My core as solid
As metal in concrete
Yet as wispy and delicate
As the air it breathes

The third stanza of a poem I wrote in 2015 focuses on a dancer’s core. When reading these lines and thinking of them as describing a dancer’s body, I immediately assimilate the intended meaning as referring to the abdominal core of a person – which is not incorrect.

A dancer (or any athlete), moves and executes extraordinary feats with the human body – the same type of body which we’re all comprised of. Of course, all bodies are different and some are better suited for certain activities than others, but without a strong physical core – including abdominal, back, and chest stability and strength, injuries would occur with what seems as simple and easy as a grand battement.

Look at that! I let myself get carried away with dance again and forgot all about this month’s creative writing challenge: TRANSLATION!

Before I get to translating this poem in French though, I want to point out one more thing:

The third stanza, in addition to referring to the physical aspect of a dancer’s core, also meant to imply the strength and endurance of a persons’ character – which, like the physical core, is often strengthened to protect the more delicate and tender side of us.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. I realize how this might seem like procrastination for translation, but it’s really not. I’ve been going over every word and looking up all the possibilities for correct spelling and conjugation while trying to maintain the meaning and rhythm of this poem. And right now, my attempt to translate this poem from English to French looks like one heck of a disaccorded dance!

I could go on forever about my love for dance, but for now, I’ll get back to the task of the day and attempt to translate this English poem to French. Keep following these posts for the translation before the week is done!

Keep following these posts to see if I can translate this poem before the week is done!

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