Cadent Poems : Jan 9

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Translating Cadencing

What was I thinking? Translating French poems to English and English poems to French? Why did I set myself up for this challenge?

To jump-start the year with the most difficult task I could come up with so that the following months will seem like a breeze!

I do have to mention a couple of things before I embark on this cadent translation. First off, it won’t be perfect. Secondly, I hope there are no French linguists reading or they’ll surely block my site forever! Lastly, I have to point out that no matter how it turns out, French was one of my top classes in high school. But please remember, I attended English school.

Okay, having said all that, here I go! Cadence is translating Cadencing!

Is this it? Is this how this poem ends?

There’s one last stanza to the poem originally titled Symmetrical Motion. Watch for Cadent Poems’ Motion Symétrique – the closing and translation will be complete by Friday – just in time for the weekend!

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