Cadent Poems : Jan 10

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Cadencing – 4

Like the air to the left
Water to the right
A dancer moves in me
With strength and dignity

This is the fourth and last stanza of this week’s Cadent Poem. Although a dancer closes the poem, just as in the previous stanzas, these verses imply more than the act of dancing or a dancer itself. They refer to what an individual is made up of.

Developing poems revolving around dance comes naturally for me. Dance was one of the first artistic passions and creative outlets I was immersed in, and even though I don’t train or perform as intensely as I once did, I still thoroughly enjoy the benefits this activity brings – not only to my physical health, but my emotional, psychological, and creative health too.

As for the temporary title – Cadencing was simply meant as a play on words while I attempted to translate Symmetrical Motion from English to French.

If you’re not a dancer, and even if you have little interest in the French language, I hope you associated and interpreted this poem with a passion and strength of your own and enjoyed cadencing through this week’s translation with me.

Click here to view the complete translation from English to french: Symmetrical Motion / Motion Symétrique.

Next week brings another piece focused on dance – en français s’il vous plait – and delves into ballet terms, French to English translation, and a few personal inspirations.

But before diving into dance, I’ll touch on January’s color – mauve – a neutral color with the same meaning and spelling in both French and English.

Be sure to follow for poetry, dance, and much more!

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