Cadent Colours : Mauve – 2

After reading and learning more about the colour mauve – the background colour theme for January’s poems – I realized how it couldn’t have been a better choice!

What stood out for me, out of the information I gathered, is how the colour mauve was first discovered and how it led to the Mauve Decade.

Of course, by discovered I mean formulated and produced. Obviously, the colour mauve already existed in certain flower blooms, such as the mallow, and it certainly had been seen in a sunset here and there.

However, when William Henry Perkin set out to find a cure for malaria, he stumbled upon an intense purple colour while cleaning up after the unsuccessful results of his experimental work. This is when he discovered what came to be the world’s first synthetic dye. What once was a colour reserved for royalty became a mass market sensation, and by 1890 – everyone was dressed in mauve!

Other interesting notes I picked up here and there regarding the colour mauve is how it is associated with decadence, youth, and femininity. It supposedly evokes feelings of purity and devotion with the moodiness of a deeper purple, not to mention how some historians have credited it to be the colour that changed the world.

The emotional being that I am, after learning all this, my thoughts gravitated to the words femininity, devotion, purity, moodiness – and I was inspired to write this new poem titled Mauvine’s Eye.

People who choose mauve as their favorite colour are said to be hopeless romantics, often categorized for being too dreamy or having a childlike sense of wonder. This, at times, is quite fitting for me, but the reason I chose the colour mauve for January was for its neutral grayish tint as well as for its soothing yet opulent pale purple tones.

That’s it for this month’s Cadent Colour choice. February will not only bring a new colour but it will also introduce a new theme for Cadent Poems.

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