Cadent Colours : Mauve Poem – 2

Mauveine’s Eye

I gently slide and glide
Like a breeze that’s passing by

I fervidly swirl and sway
Like a windy day

I violently push and churn
Like a hurricane

I am mellow mauve
And deeply moody purple

Decadently feminine
Dreamy and sweet
When surrounded with love
Well-protected and respected

But the tempest in me
Is clearly felt and seen
When provoked incessantly
Eroding trust from me

Why provoke such a cyclone
When so easily I can be
Subdued into sweet and dreamy

Please let me be mellow mauve
And deeply moody purple
It’s the fabric I’m made of
Just like the air I breathe

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There’s more to January’s Cadent Colour mauve than Mauveine’s Eye poem.

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