Cadent Poems : Jan 16

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Je pratique mes ports de bras
Au port nord de toi

Et même si c’est l’été
J’ne fais pas de grand-jeté
    parce que ma jambe fait mal
    autant que mon cœur fait mal
    parce que c’est impossible pour moi
    de ne pas m’ennuyer de toi

Alors pour le moment
Je pratique mes battements
Mes coupés frappés et mes tendus
Aussi souvent que je pense à toi

Je fais mes pliés régulièrement
Pendant qu’je pense à toi et moi
    et le jour où on retourne
    à être ce qu’on était toujours
    une fille et une maman
    oui j’rêve toujours de toi et moi

Même si trop d’temps continue d’passer
J’espère toujours pour toi et moi

If I were to translate this poem word for word, it would be a relatively simple task considering how many words would remain in French.

The fact that ballet terms are stated in French even when spoken in English means that many of the words in this poem wouldn’t require translation. Therefore, instead of translating the poem word for word, I gave it a slightly different meaning by translating the overall emotion and sentiment of the poem’s core. In doing so, I omitted the ballet terms and referred to dance in general.

click here for definitions of ballet terms applied in the poem

When I first wrote Cadencé, I titled it Danse d’Été mainly because it was written in the summertime. The inspiration that led me to write it came from a person very close to my heart – my daughter. However, once the poem was completed, I applied several other themes to the emotion of longing and missing which took the dancer of the poem into different story-lines. The English translation I applied to this week’s poem is one of them. It refers, instead of a parent missing their child, to a person missing a loved one.

To read more about the original inspiration that brought this poem to life, please visit Becoming a Poem : 22 for you and select Danse d’Été from the drop-down menu.

Click on the dancer for the English translation of Cadencé.

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