Love Comes Around : Jan 17


So many years had passed. So much time. So many ups and downs. Too much time had passed between them for it to ever be the same. Nevertheless, here they were sitting next to each other, once again.

The casual conversation between the two flowed effortlessly between sips of his rye and hers of wine. Her glass still half full, the drunken sensation of thoughts and emotions swirled through her intensely. All the while, easily maintaining her composure, all she could conjure was the memory of his touch.

“So what do you think? Would you be up to that?” The mellifluous sound of his voice, just like her beating heart, came to a sudden stop. All she could hear was the question mark.

“Excuse me?” Her eyebrows raised as she leaned forward slightly, “I’m so sorry, I couldn’t hear what you were saying.”

Quick to get a hold of herself and out of her wandering thoughts, she swiftly added, “It’s surprising how noisy it is all of a sudden!”

Both caught up in momentary laughter, the entire side of her body gently reeled into tingles as he leaned-in closer and placed his hand on hers. The noise she had referred to, she no longer heard. The swirl of thoughts and emotions, she no longer felt. His pale blue eyes was all she could see, and the warmth of his hand – so solid and strong, yet so gently placed upon hers – this she remembered clearly.

He repeated the proposition that had gone unheard. Snowshoes, lodge, trail, the words swished through her head like snow drifts. She found herself suddenly recalling the winters spent without him. Not knowing where he had been or if he would ever return. But he was here now, and somehow, their paths had crossed again.

The momentary pause ended quickly when she responded cautiously, “I really want to do that with you. But I’d like to give it some thought.”

The deep exhale couldn’t be heard and his entire demeanor remained unflinching, but his heart had dropped like an anchor to the ocean floor.

So many winters
Through stormy seas
    like billowing

    drifting snow
When all I could do
Was dream of you

“I just wonder if we should talk about where we go from here.” She placed her hand atop his as she stood from her seat and glanced towards the restrooms, “But you’ll have to excuse me for a moment before we get into that.”

She slid by him like a breath. Her hand now resting on his shoulder and her lips so near, the familiar intimacy they once shared brushed through him like the whisper of a breeze, “I’ll be right back.”

Those were the last words he had said to her, but they wouldn’t be hers.

“Perhaps we could get a table and a bite to eat.” She prompted kindly, hinting at her desire to pursue with their reacquaintance.

His heart lifted as he watched the gliding motion of her familiar being. Then with a quick glance back towards him, the twinkle of her eye reminded him of everything she had endured and how easily and naturally playful she had always been.

If I were a wave
With you by my side
     with you I would ride
     through any season
     winter sleet or rain
Until the sun shone
On us again

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