Cadent Poems : Jan 21

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Cadency – 2

Whatever I may be
The wind or the sea
I must move my body
As freely as can be
To exert and express
Every piece inside of me

The second stanza of Cadency continues with the nature-related theme introduced in the first stanza by comparing the dancer to the natural environment we live in.

As difficult as it is for me to not further expand on my love of dance or to wander into the wonders of our natural environment, I’ll restrain myself and adhere to where we left off yesterday: Why I chose to revolve around the word cadence.

The word “cadence” came to me almost a decade ago while in a constant productive state of creative writing. At times writing three to four poems a day while simultaneously conjuring fantastical stories, this was the most focused and intense I had been on a creative task since I had last choreographed a dance.

Initially inspired to apply the word cadenza to one of the pieces I was working on soon led me to the word cadence. The interesting thing is, as I think back on this, is how the word I sought before cadenza was credenza – a piece of furniture. This is why I gravitated to the word cadence – because the credenza I was searching for was relating to a beautiful piece of furniture my grandmother passed on to me.

It was only recently (as in this month), when I delved into the French dictionary, did I realize how abundant the usage of cadence can be. It also brought to my attention the cornucopia of conjugations French offers!

Before I get too wrapped up in cadence’s 100+ French possibilities, I’ll close today’s segment with this question:

If cadence offers so many possibilities in French, why is it so limited in descriptions and possibilities in English?

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