Cadent Poems : Jan 22

The cadence of Cadency pauses while I meander through the bountiful cadence of French conjugations.

This segment focuses not so much on this week’s poem, but instead on the word cadence en français s’il vous plait!

While perusing through the French dictionary, I chose to focus on the transitive verb, cadencer.

The difference in cadence between French and English, starts with this:

In French, cadencer sounds the same as when spelled cadencé – but it isn’t spelled that way.

In English, the word cadencer is pronounced kay-dent-sir – but it isn’t recognized as an English word.

Let’s remember that today isn’t about English – it’s about French. So without further adieu, let’s cadence through cadencer‘s verb conjugations:

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Well, well! After all that conjugating I’m led to wonder this: “If I can indicatively cadence imperfectly in French, why can’t I suggestively cadence simply in English?”

That’s it for now! I need a dance break!

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