Cadent Poems : Jan 23

Can Cadence CanCan?

Can you read the cadence
Can you hear the cadence
Can you sing the cadence
     of this conjugation!
Can you conjugate this
Cadent conjugation
Can you conjugate
     cadence with me!!

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What’s better than a French dance to kick-off today’s French conjugations? Singing this cadently revised version while performing it of course!

Interestingly enough, while continuing with “cadencer” conjugations – this tune would not exit my head.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I once performed this dance after several dozen rehearsals, and to be quite honest – French conjugations are just as challenging as performing the dance!

click on the tab for subjonctif, conditionnel, impératif, etc., etc.

Tomorrow wraps up Week 4 of January’s translation challenge – but it’s not over yet! January 2020 being a 5-week month means there’s one more translation to go!

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