Cadent Poems : Jan 24

Whether read in English or French, freedom of expression is what the poem Cadency is about.

Whether it be a dancer swaying graciously or a person’s thoughts and emotions that should be heard or written – freedom of expression is something that is valued by most people.

There are many important points to bring up regarding freedom of expression, and more importantly, freedom overall, but in keeping with the dance theme fueled through this month’s translation challenge, I’ll try to keep it light and airy.

From my personal experience, if I can’t actively participate and move – as in dance, exercise, or any form of physical activity where I can exert energy – it affects my entire being. Not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically.

The same goes for the other less-visible sides of me. If I’m repressed from sharing thoughts, if I’m denied from speaking or writing about issues I value, or if I’m oppressed from sharing emotions that are valid and real – it obviously has negative psychological and emotional repercussions, but it also takes a toll on my physical being.

Finding the right balance to nurture the freedoms important to anyone’s well-being isn’t always easy and unfortunately, it can oftentimes be challenging. But I’m certainly grateful to end another week after starting each day with an exercise routine and by sharing a piece of creative writing.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this week’s Cadency. With only one week left to January, be sure to follow Cadent Words‘ to catch the last week on French and English translations and dance.

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