Love Comes Around : Jan 24

Wintering In

It wasn’t my intention to become overly involved in a relationship or emotionally attached to anyone just yet. As I had mentioned over dinner, I wasn’t in a position to offer anything more than companionship. But I found myself enjoying your company more than I had expected, and when we reminisced about our brief and delightful past, it became increasingly difficult to resist the temptation of diving into intimate moments with you.

Just as easily as our conversation flowed, I vacillated between the pull of attraction I felt for you and the reasoning of the circumstances I faced.

A perceptive impression
A physical connection
An innate attraction
Remained with me
After all these years
And now once again
As we both are here

After months of working on a complicated assignment that had tossed, turned, and thrown me in all sorts of misleading directions, I was frustrated, exhausted, and confused by the series of events that had occurred and the information I had gathered. The final blow was when I was suddenly fired without any prior indication or notice whatsoever. Adding to the indignation, after expressing my disbelief and disputing the invalid reasons for the firing, I was escorted out of the building by security without being permitted to gather my personal belongings.

Assailed through winter winds
I keep trying to stand still
Blown and tossed around
In every possible direction

Although several months had passed when I saw you along that glass facade, the aftershocks often resonated clearly. I had considered taking legal action against the company, but without the financial resources available to take on such a juggernaut of a corporation, I was left to move on. Soon after hired on a contract basis by a similar company, I cloaked myself in pleasant and professional airs every day I walked into the office.

But when with you, I never felt the need to cover myself up with anything other than myself. Just as when we had first met almost a decade ago, it always felt natural, comfortable, and invigorating to be with you.

Your touch was real
The way you made me feel
Now and then and now again
It was and is surreal

The intimate pleasures we had once shared brought our dinner conversation to a close. But being the two level-headed and cautious individuals we had become, we refrained from the intense temptations we both felt and agreed to meet again for what you had initially suggested – a snowshoe hike through the winter trails.

Exiting the restaurant with the towering glass facade behind us, you reached for me before I could walk away and kindly said, “We’re not really leaving it like this are we?”

Your light but assertive touch on the underside of my wool-coat covered arm didn’t feel as though you were holding on but merely there, patiently waiting, which I always thought to be so polite, endearing, and exciting. Then the warmth of your palm brushed passed my arm and along my lower back and I couldn’t help but move closer to you.

Closer again we were
I’ve wanted you this close
For far too long
Why must again we part
For one more time

Hesitation set in, but less than momentarily. Uncertainty was a given, but your presence felt like heaven.

So I allowed myself to be wrapped up in the warmth and tenderness of your arms. Yet still, as though guarding and protecting myself from loss again, I kept both of my hands securely close to my heart. But you held on gently and patiently. You stayed unflinching and solid and warm. Soon released from uncertainty and doubt, my left palm opened and rested close to your heart, and my right arm slowly slid down and around your back.

We must have stood like this forever as though in a dream. Then you lifted me slightly up off the ground and the view of our reflection in the glass facade brought me to realize how this was real. Still held close to one another, my shoulders arched back to glimpse into your pale blue eyes. Seconds passed as though frozen in time, and while every particle of air between us warmed to a haze, my lips brushed against yours until we kissed.

Moving back and forth in time, years together or apart, love keeps coming around for a couple at the center of Love Comes Around.

The tale of a family who reunites after years of being separated, these pieces and passages take you through seasons spent together and apart.

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