Cadent Poems : Jan 29

At Cadent Words, 2020 started by introducing Cadent Poems while featuring dance related themes and translations.

January nearing its end, it’s been quite a start to the year as I persevere with determination and zeal with my ongoing efforts to earn a living from creative writing.

Many years ago, while unemployed and faced with an incredible amount of time on my hands, I focused daily on maintaining some form of structure to my days. In doing so, I allowed myself freedoms I had never experienced before while dedicating myself to a work schedule.

This was a period of time where I focused entirely on creative output. Whether I was designing a new fitness routine, choreographing a dance, doodling a drawing, or creatively writing, ideas flowed effortlessly and continuously while applying little to no pressure on myself whatsoever.

However flexible the schedule I designed for myself was, it proved to be a well-suited one. The surge of creativity culminating from self-discipline combined with freedom of expression led me to accumulate thousands of poems and various written pieces.

As much as I thrived-on and cherished every moment of creative momentum, I also craved the desire to organize. This is when I took-on the self-imposed challenge to categorize each piece according to certain themes and topics I coined as my isms.

January, featuring French and English poetry along with these daily quirky write-ups, is a section of the website that will eventually be dedicated entirely to Bilingualism.

Click here for a brief peek at this month’s ism and a couple extra ones too:

With more categories to be added as the second trimester of the year approaches, I’m certain to fill my days with endless creative tasks! But in the meantime, can I ask you to help me wrap-up the week by sharing your opinion on the title of this poem?

Which title do you prefer?
English : Cadences or Cadential?
French : Cadences or Cadenciel?

Forward your answer by completing this quick survey, or simply comment on this post!

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If you missed this week’s write-ups regarding the dilemma I face, catch-up on a couple of quick reads here:

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This week’s translation might be done, but there’s still more to come!

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