Cadent Poems : Jan 31

Having survived January’s translation challenge, I am awarding myself the prize of choosing to title this last poem however I please!

Cadenciel it is!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s quick and easy poll and for voicing your opinion. With almost 80% in favour of fabricating a word, this was another great opportunity for me to become familiar with one of the multitudinous tools available through WordPress.

Using Crowdsignal’s surveys and polls is a fun and easy way for viewers to offer feedback while taking up little of my time to gather results. I’ve yet to master all of the amazing features Crowdsignal offers, but for now, I’m excited to see how some individuals are okay with having a little bit of fun with words!

I do want to reiterate how I absolutely respect any language and its correct usage, but I also think it’s important to have fun.

As I prepare to wrap-up January’s translation challenge, I’ve been reviewing and editing both French and English content to gather into pages for my website. And no matter how much I love dance and the French language – I’m relieved and super-pleased that this month is over!

I couldn’t have pulled through French translations without some much needed feedback from a person I have great respect for. Not only is this the person who introduced me to dance (the theme that fueled this month’s poems), but this individual is incredibly brilliant and precise at anything she takes one.

It was my mother who signed me up for dance when I was a young teen. Had she not, I can’t imagine where I would have diverted all the energy brewing inside me. She was also the one who patiently recited French verb conjugations with me, and although we still live at opposite ends of the country, she was kind enough to email some much needed corrections to my French translations.

Watch for January’s translations soon to be posted at Cadent Words, and now that I’ve added a fabricated French word to my cadent list, next month I’ll tackle a lovely English word that’s been left out of the dictionary!

Be sure to follow Cadent Words for more to come with February’s focus on Romanticism!

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