Cadent Poems : Feb 5

Two rocky hearts are featured today as I embark on Cadent Words’ February theme of love.

What the world needs more, is love sweet love …

All you need is love …

This thing called love, I just can’t handle it …

From Led Zeppelin’s Wanna Whole Lotta Love to Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, it’s hard to imagine what everyone would be singing about if there wasn’t any love to be found!

The photo of two rocky hearts is one I took while walking along one day. Morning’s heavy rainfall had stopped but could still be heard seeping into the earth and trickling off trees. Deeply focused on snapping a photo of the two rocks I had stumbled upon, I can’t recall which distracted me first, apricity or the glittering snow-covered mountaintops.

I walked along
Then I looked down
And my eyes fell upon
Two rocky hearts
Anchored upon
A sea of pebbled stones

Of course, the sight of these two heart-shaped rocks led me to write several poems, and even though the words I wrote aren’t included in all-time favourite love songs, they were written for someone who is dearly loved.

What’s left to see
Of these two rocks
Is like our mountaintops
Diamond peaks
Reaching up
To touch the sky above

To read the poem Rocky Hearts in its entirety, please visit Becoming a Poem : 22 for you, and select Rocky Hearts from the drop-down menu.

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