Cadent Poems : Feb 6

Why is the word apricity not included in the dictionary?

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I’m certain there’s a valid and logical explanation for this word to have been left out, but I’ve yet to be privy to any information that satisfies my curiosity.

Curiosity and imagination. What a great combination to lead into my creatively fabricated tale about apricity:

Harold worked diligently at his book of words. Supported and encouraged by his wife, not only his book, but their entire marriage was threatened when he was found walking hand in hand with another lady in the middle of February.

“But Marianne! I thought you loved the word!” Harold hollered desperately after she demanded he obliterate it from his book.

“Drop apricity immediately! Or else I and all of my family’s funding will leave you and your work forever!” Outraged and humiliated, Marianne’s voice soared and screeched like Harold had never heard before.

Love, once again, like many songs have been written, is a great part of this story. But is it really love that Harold and Marianne share? And is it really love that took over Harold while frolicking around town with this February lady?

Be sure to follow February’s Cadent Poems for more on this silly February tale about apricity … or should it be titled Apricity?

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