Cadent Poems : Feb 7

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I continue today, with my tale based on the word apricity.

Warmed by the sun, or apricitied by the sun? which do you prefer?

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In the meantime, let’s get back to this story:

Unable to tear himself from the sight of her, he walked through wind and snow until he reached the shore.

“Excuse me for intruding, but may I ask why you stand so close to the sea while the wind blows and snow falls in February?” Little did he know, but she had seen him before.

“Well good morning sir. What brings you here so close to me?” Snow stopped falling and the wind calmed to a breeze as she turned to look at him.

Why he didn’t respond to such a simple question might’ve had to do with the sudden change in weather. Perhaps it was the sudden change in temperature. Or could it be that he was unintentionally smitten by the warmth of her inquiring eyes?

“Again, please excuse me my dear lady. If I interrupted in any way, it certainly wasn’t my intention.” Adept with words, this made it seem as though he was unflustered, “My name is Harold. How rude of me to engage in conversation without first introducing myself.”

Wind and snow entirely ceased, but the clouds above moved at great speed as the pause between the two came to an end. His hand reached out to hers in a gesture of greeting and as her smile widened, a clearing in the sky allowed for the sun to shine through.

“Good morning dear sir. My name is Apricity.”

Well, well, well! Who swooned who? Did either one intend to swoon the other?! All that’s known at this point, is that the warmth of the sun covered Mr. Harold like nothing he ever felt before!

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