Cadent Poems : Feb 10

February’s love-themed poems continue this week with Kissed by Apricity.

If you caught the beginning of Apricity’s fabled tale explaining why the word apricity is not included in the dictionary, you might assume today’s first stanza was written for Harold.

Having met her by the wintry seashore, Kissed by Apricity could easily be interpreted as Harold not wanting to leave the lovely February lady’s side. After all, she did introduce herself as Apricity, didn’t she?

The truth is, I wrote Kissed by Apricity five years ago. A short and sweet poem made up of three stanzas and twelve lines, it was impossible to pass up while conjuring this tale!

Catch the beginning of Apricity’s tale by viewing February’s Cadent Poems.

There’s more to be revealed from Kissed by Apricity – be sure to follow Cadent Words for poems, tales, and more.

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