Cadent Poems : Feb 17

How many ways can you say apricity?

Well, considering how it’s not included in the dictionary, I figure I can say it any way I please!

February’s poems revolve not only around love, but they’re all about apricity. A lovely word that’s not recognized as an English word because it can’t be found in dictionaries the general population has access to.

Why that is remains an unresolved query of mine, so I’m conjuring up ways to apply this word however I can imagine it could or should be used.

This week’s poem Apricitying You, is a play on words somewhat derived from the word appreciating.

The first of five stanzas is relatively straight-forward in stating how one might appreciate the warmth of the sun at any time of the day. But when looking at the title while ignoring what was going through my head when writing these lines, I might wonder if Apricitying You is a play on words implied as “appreciating you”. Or is it meant as apricitying you as in “warming you”?

There are more lines to come to this apricitying poem – follow Cadent Words to be apricitied all week through!

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