Cadent Poems : Feb 18

How can anyone not appreciate apricity?

Not only is this word ignored, but it’s incredibly underused!

Apricity is described as meaning the warmth of the sun in wintertime, but couldn’t it also be applied to describe the feeling of warmth from being cold during any season? What if it was taken a step further and applied to describe not only the physical feeling of warmth, but an emotional one as well?

The first two stanzas of Apricitying You certainly imply the physical warmth felt from apricity, but the last of this 5-stanza poem could go both ways.

I’ll wrap-up this apricitying poem before the week is done, but before doing so, I’ll get into February’s heartwarming colour choice.

In the meantime, if you missed the beginning of Apricity by the Sea – a fabricated tale about why this word isn’t in the dictionary – visit February’s Cadent Poems to catch-up on the latest segment!

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