Cadent Colour : Feb 19

Cadent Words’ heated tale about why the word apricity has been left out of the dictionary continues, but I have to admit, it’s been quite a challenge to come up with an interesting and light-hearted story that has an obvious and rather disheartening ending!

If you missed the beginning of February’s Cadent Tale – catch up by visiting Cadent Poems’ February page before entering the red-hot fury Harold is trying to abate:

Before entering part 2 of this fiery segment, let me introduce February’s Cadent Colour – the colour garnet:

Better known as a gem rather than a colour, it is, according to the Pantone Colour Guide, an actual recognized colour. Unlike the word apricity, which has been excluded from the dictionary of words, the colour garnet has a definite place in this extensive dictionary of colours and it even has a specific file number assigned to it.

Although I didn’t use the actual colour specs provided by Pantone, I did use it as a guide to maneuver around different shades of red and pink.

Ranging from Garnet Heart to Garnet Bliss, be sure to follow Cadent Words for more on this month’s chosen colour.

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