Cadent Poems : Feb 20

Even though this poem was written several years ago, I was recently reminded of how much I love apricity.

A series of sunny days came along after endless cloud coverage so I headed to the beach to soak-in the sun. Albeit covered in a warm sweater, jacket, gloves, boots, and tuque on – apricity by the sea revives me like nothing does!

Sunny February days are sometimes seldom for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere of our world. More often snowy, cold, windy, overcast, rainy – or all of these combined – when the sun shines, it really does feel like the heavens are opening up for a much needed reprieve!

You may have noticed that I no longer italicize the word apricity. That’s because I anticipate it will be included in upcoming and revised editions of English dictionaries, therefore I’m treating it just like any other worthy English word should.

Apricity Yay or Nay?

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Don’t miss the final stanza of this heartwarming poem as it wraps up the second to last week of February’s focus on apricity.

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