Cadent Photo : Slated Sunset

photo by calla

Although facing further limitations due to restrictions brought on by Covid-19, I’m super excited to add a new feature to Cadent Words’ monthly highlights!

Every month, in addition to the current pages that have been featured, a new page will be added to highlight a photograph to accompany a selected poem.

With the intention to open this up for general submissions, for now, due to limited resources and time constraints, I’m resorting to my own photos, but I’m glad to introduce the very first contributor to kick off this new feature.

Visit Cadent Words for more on the first of its Cadent Photos:

PHOTO : slated sunset

Catch up on April’s featured poem and much more! There’s a new word, a new theme, a new image, and a new colour to inspire creative thoughts to draw from, write from, or shoot photos from!

Cadent Words : April

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