My Father’s Day

Author : Cadence Beret

Mourning a Father’s Passing

Although my father passed away more than two decades ago, I recall how difficult it was to get through the first Father’s Day after his passing. But with every year that’s gone by, I’ve come to appreciate and love him more.

Very much aware of how everyone’s lives differ and how each person grieves differently, I hope it brings some small comfort to some in knowing that, for me, the love and the memories my father and I shared, has only grown stronger.


When you passed away
I was far away
At the time I was told
Irises meant to remember
A symbol of remembrance
Purple flowering irises
I sent to be with you
To rest by your side

When you passed away
I was far away
I wasn’t there to see you off
Instead of I by your side
Irises were laid
To let passersby know
I’d always remember
I’d never forget you

Then now and forever
You are my only iris
Then now and forever
I love and remember you
Then now and forever

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