Fuliginous Friday

Another week comes to and end, and there is no line on the horizon.

“No Line on the Horizon” – a line borrowed from U2, you might also feel fuliginous on this Friday if you’ve been smothered in fog all week.

I refer to it as fog, but it has been reported as smoke from fires. Luckily, not too close to where I am.

Nevertheless, whether it be fog or smoke, I quite like the view when looking out on the water and the line delineating the ocean from the sky can’t be seen.

Not to make light of the somber circumstances many people are facing, but I do try to stay positive, no matter how dreich and dreary a situation might be.

Working on new features and highlights while focussing on a new theme – I sunk into somberness tenebrifically this week, and I think it’s time for me to take a serious dance break to U2’s No Line on the Horizon.

Follow Cadence through this tenebrific journey and be enlightened while exploring the theme of somberness:

Catch all features highlighting the theme of somberness – there’s a tenebrific word, a tenebrous drawing, and much more dark matter to peruse through!

POEM : stars

WORD : tenebrific

THEME : somberness

DRAWING : tenebrous toes

PHOTO : night sky’s star

COLOUR : sable

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