Satired Saturday

Sprightly excited to wake up to a clear view of the sky, I’m still somewhat tired after a very long Fuliginous Friday.

Nevertheless, I’m eager to get outside after reading a few posts and reviewing this short tale I recently added to the collections of Cadent Poems.

Inspired by an old world poet named Pindar, this quirky tale involves a character implied to be of Pindaric lineage.

Take a few minutes out of this Satirical Saturday for a quick Pindaric read:

7 : Pindaric Sting

by Cadence Beret

Unconscious lying on the grass
The shadow above her
Leaned-in closer and closer
As her eyes slowly opened

Light-headed dazed confused
She asked “Who are you?”
But she couldn’t hear a thing
Cuz of a buzzing in her ear

He held out his hand
To help her off the grass
She kindly accepted
And the buzz suddenly stopped

She bounced up and hurled
Expletive-filled verses
While the bumble bee’s sting
Drilled deep into her ear

#7 is a just peek of this 10-piece collection – catch all of this Pindaric tale by visiting Cadent Words:

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