Sundered Sunday

Sundering might be thought of as an extreme term to describe how I have to break-down my day to get all the things I want to get done today, but considering how I’m still locked-in dark matter, I think it’s quite fitting.

Pummeling through words and poems while working on the new category added to Cadent Poems, somber words keep swirling though my head like a black-hole tornado!

Reviewing pieces which I categorized as somber tends to dredge up some rather dire and dismal memories. But it does remind me of how resilient I am and how resorting to simple things, such as music, dancing, and writing, can sometimes pull me through.

Sundering sundries on a sunless Sunday, I was led to another piece written quite a while ago during a time when I mused on the word swoon.

You might have previewed the bright side of a swooner when love and romance was featured in February, and yes, there is a dark side to this swooner too.

Well, I think it’s time for a nice hot cup of coffee. I like a dark roast in a fresh white cup – no sugar, no milk, but I might add some maple syrup to sweeten things up.

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