Clunkering Cadence

Starting my day at 3am is a great way to make a day last forever.

After writing and researching words for a couple of hours, I tucked myself back into bed for a couple more. By the time I got out the door for a refreshing morning walk, construction along the seawall had already begun.

Adept at ignoring unpleasant things, I blocked it out and enjoyed the view of the ocean.

Once I reached the top of the small incline indicating my turnaround, I paused for a stretch directly above the magnanimous mechanical equipment pounding the pavement and excavating the ground, which led me to recall a piece I wrote several years ago:

Now back into my comfortable abode, I can still hear the sounds of construction, but I realize that it’s temporary – just like everything else is.

Thinking back, I’m reminded of how I came up with the title for this poem by starting off with the word veracity while thinking of a hammer. Of course, Peter Gabriel tuned into my head with his Sledgehammer, which asserted my choice to go with a Veracious Sledgehammer.

One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, it was decades ago when my brother, sister and I sang and danced from the top of our benches. Together, I’m quite certain we were louder than this morning’s construction sounds.

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