Cryptic Cadence

What to do on a wretched rainy Wednesday while working on a theme called somberism?

Tackle a walk through a cemetery of course!

Dressed in black from head to toe – black nike cap, black rain jacket, black leggings, and yes, black rainboots and umbrella too – passersby might’ve thought I was going to a funeral. But it so happens to be one of my favourite colours.

Blacks, greys, tans, browns – these are staples of my wardrobe. Thought of by some as boring and gloomy, I like to think of them as fashionable and classy. But I have to admit, I do prefer clear and bright sunny days rather than dark murky wet ones. Afterall, if liquid sunshine didn’t pour down as often as it does, things wouldn’t be as virbrantly green as they are.

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