Catastrophic Cadence

Searching for somber words to maintain the candlelit cadence I embarked on, this word game called alliteration is proving to be quite a challenge!

Oddly enough, I’ve not creatively come up with many c-words to match these cadent headings. Of course, there are soft c’s and several “ch-sh” c’s, but matching a hard c with somber words hasn’t come that easily.

Leaning heavily on the word charcoal for today’s alliterating headline, I settled for catastrophic.

That in itself could very well be catastrophic considering there is absolutely nothing settling about anything catastrophic!

But I have to emphasize, focussing on horrendous topics while trying to make light of it, by no means is meant to downplay the reality of somber things. But at the same time – I refuse to let somberness bring me down.

Catch the shining light of this charcoal sky in the somber feature highlighted here:

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