Catapulting Cadence

I have to agree that catapulting isn’t a very somber word, but if you imagine a massive boulder catapulting your way, it very well could be.

Wrapping up the week after being catapulted into somberness, I’m reminded of a favourite childhood cartoon – the Bugs Bunny Road Runner show.

This unlikely duo often faced some rather horrifically somber moments and somehow always managed to pull through. Even the coyote, when squashed under a rock, would bounce back with stars and swirls all around.

Cartoons, as silly as it may seem, is often a go-to when I’m feeling blue. Not necessarily watching them, but imagining myself as one – which at times can be very amusing and entertaining.

Starting this series of somber updates with a fuliginous Friday and finishing it with a forlorn one, I’m catapulting myself into a wickidly wonderful weekend with these 3 favourite somber words:

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